Pic by Christoph Mangler


BONSAI KITTEN celebrate the release of their 5th studio album, titled “LOVE AND LET DIE,” which was recorded raw and ready live in Frankfurt’s Cream Studios.

On this outing, the band is invigorated by some fresh new blood in the form of innovative guitarist and singer, Wally, who also played with Sweden’s punk rockers Psychopunch.

Pounding out the bone-crunching beat is drummer, Marc Reign, known previously for his work with Trash-Metal masters Destruction and Death Metal band Morgoth. The bass is again anchored by longtime member Spoxx on his custom 3-String bass and as always, the band is fronted by charismatic and threatening singer, Tiger Lilly Marleen, who floats like a butterfly, wails like a banshee, and stings like a bee.

BONSAI KITTEN present their new album release on the day of Lockdown: March 13, 2020 through Sunny Bastards Records / Soul Food Distribution. Their new live show combines the spirit of Woodstock and Wacken all over on the postponed tour dates, presented by Ox Fanzine, Livegigs, Though Magazine and The Living Proof Booking Agency in the spring of 2021.



BONSAI KITTEN hit the music scene with the release of their self titled debut EP in 2007 which was released for the Japanese market only on the record label On The Hill. The Ep is sold out.

After excessive touring throughout Europe BONSAI KITTEN released their first full length album Done With Hell in 2011, featuring Koefte DeVille, singer of legendary Punk´A´Billy band MAD SIN on the title track. The album was released on the German record label Wolverine Records.

In 2012 already, BONSAI KITTEN released a collection of songs in a limited edition with Welcome To My World which sold out quickly.

With a change in the line up BONSAI KITTEN released Occupy Yourself! in 2014, which earned them the reputation as one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Germany. Taking a stand for a multi-cultural mind set, against racial prejudice, discrimination and for equal rights, to make the world a better place, BONSAI KITTEN is the first band to address these topics so clearly within their scene ever.

In 2017 BONSAI KITTEN released the album MINDCRAFT on Rough Trade. Its urgency and force also captured the band's sweat-drenched and ecstatic live shows, for what they are well known for. But it´s their playfulness what makes BONSAI KITTEN properly contagious!