"Occupy Yourself!" is the third full length album (2014) by the female fronted rock'n'roll outfit BONSAI KITTEN from Berlin. It is a call for a revolution in your own head, firing up critics and fans on the bands European album tour.
"An explosive album named Occupy Yourself!" (Piranha Magazine), with "speed, catchy chorus and kick-ass effects in every song" (Intro Magazine). "Bonsai Kitten are the next best thing" (Westzeit Magazine) and "surprise with new ideas" (Sonic Seducer). The sweaty live shows, adorned with many glam accessories, are a vibrant impact of energy of a "grand live band" (Metal Hammer) and "how entertainment should be" (Rockstage Riot) "no more words of underground" (Slam Magazine). Bonsai Kitten will be your new favorite band! 

With the release of their self titled debut EP in Japan 2007, Bonsai Kitten put their own Killbilly Style on the global map. In 2011 they released their long awaited full length album "Done With Hell" on the German label Wolverine Records. That album stired up the international rock´n roll scene with a big impact and Bonsai Kitten toured extensively throughout Europe. The title track is a duet with Köfte DeVille from Mad Sin. They opened up for big international acts, like The Boss Hoss, Dick Dale, The Bones and Mad Sin and quickly gained a reputation as a great live band.

One year later, in 2012, Bonsai Kitten released the album "Welcome To My World". They teamed up with well known guitarists such as Tex Morton and Danny B. Harvey on two songs and Tiger Lilly Marleen invited Mark "Mad Dog" Cole and Hank Ray for duets on the album. The albums were also released on a limited edition of colored vinyl, which sold out quickly. Bonsai Kitten started to tour Europe again excessively, playing many international festivals in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. 

Bonsai Kitten are a restless force to be reckoned with and already working on new material, to be released in 2015. Stay tuned!



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